Home Xbox Forum How much would Gamestop buy Gears of War 3?

How much would Gamestop buy Gears of War 3?


I’m thinking of bringing Gears of War 3 in tomorrow and trade it in. I really want FIFA 12 and I have about 3 games I don’t play that I want to trade for FIFA 12 (Gow3, Red dead redemption, Black ops)

Any ideas?

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  1. Sell it locally, Game Stop doesn’t give much for games and accessories. I work at a locally owned game store and we give good money for games and I’m pretty sure other small businesses will do the same. Besides, usually they sell them pretty cheap as well, especially if it has the word “Exchange” in the business title. Gears of War 3, at least at my store would sell for $40-5 so you’d be looking at 30-5 on something like that, but no guarantees.

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