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Are there gift cards for ps3?


My mom wont put her credit card into my ps3 becuz she thinks that someone could steal her credit card information. She said if there are gift cards for ps3 that require no credit card information I can use that. Are there any ps3 gift cards that I can use that require no credit card info. I really want to know so I can get some cool dlcs that I really want.

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  1. Yeah. Any game shop or “big” supermarket should sell them. You pay for them in store and just pop it on when you get home.

    Also, I don’t blame your Mum for not wanting to pop her details on it. Better safe than sorry!

  2. like the others said , they are called psn cards and they come in $20 or $50 amounts

    just buy the card at the local store ( everywhere from 7-11 to walmart and target to best buy and gamestop ) , pay , they activate the card and you scratch it and redeem the code on psn ( must have a master account )

    the money goes into your psn wallet and you buy whet you want , any left over is there for later

    you can also buy psn + card and get psn + memberships for 3 months or one year with a code on the card

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