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2 PS3 trophy questions?


Ok so my first question is how much percent is a bronze, silver, and gold trophy equal when you get them

and if it says playstation network on the ps3 game cover does it mean you can play it online or get trophys or both?

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  1. I think all trophies are the same value, for example to get to lev 1 to 2 u will need say 10 trophies no matter what kind.

    If it says psn on the game cover it means u can play it online or there are addons available for that game to download. On game covers trophy support are not mentioned.

  2. Ok this is what I found out, bronze = 3%, silver = 6% and gold =18%, the website I looked up doesn’t say anything about the platinum trophies but I’m sure it raises you one level. Also, when it says playstation network on the box, it typically means it’s online compatible and or you can download stuff off the PSN for the game.

  3. just like Lenad said you gain percent on the kind of trophy it is wether gold silver bronze or platinm

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  4. 1st= it depends as you level up on trophies the percent gets lower and lower, and trust me the better the trophy the more percent don’t listen too the other guy i got to level 2 with 5 tropies and too level 3 it took me 13.

    2nd=you can play online or download add on.

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