Home Playstation Forum a good one player for the ps3?

a good one player for the ps3?


i want a game that is slightly old meaning it is cheaper one player and fun i already have uncharted and loved it, i want cheap so only suggest downloadable and older games

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  1. well i was going to say inFAMOUS which is amazing in my opinion but if you really want a cheap good game i would say go for Meat Gear Solid 4 the 1 player campaign is very good almost like a movie and also Ninja Gaiden Sigma is another good game is very fun and also very challenging

  2. U want old and cheat get assasins creed great game it’s just a single player game u can ride horses n use swords and gta4 it’s kinds cheap now its like 40 bucks I think

  3. Grand Theft Auto IV is pretty cheap now. It only costs $40.

    It’s pretty damn fun, and it is probably the best sand-box game for the PS3, so try that.

  4. Assassins Creed

    Grand Theft Auto IV.not sure if that is cheap though

    Call of Duty 4

    that’s all i can think of right now.hope i helped 🙂

    Oh.this isn’t old or cheap.but if you get the chance.check out resident evil 5.it’s a very very good game

  5. Ok, so u want cheap and good single player games.

    Metal Gear Solid 4.Stealth Action.

    – One of the best graphics

    – One of the best GAMES ever

    – Sensational and long single player. A whole different EXPERIENCE.

    – My Favourite Game

    – Presentation beats most Hollywood movies.

    – Solid & Diverse Gameplay: u can choose complete stealth or total action or a mix of both. I did all of them.

    – Immense Replayibility

    Besides it is also packaged with Online portion: Metal Gear Online

    – Online is pretty good: upto 16 players. Almost Zero lag. Don’t miss out if u buy one cuz many people forget about this.

    If u r thinking of buying it & it is a MUST-BUY, then wait for

    JUNE 16. This is when it is going to be added on the Greatest Hits list & its price is going to be dropped to $29.99.

    It would be a awesome purchase as it came out exactly a year earlier (June 12, 2008) & is only slightly old. Uncharted came out in 2007.

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