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Anyone know when the xbox 360 and wireless adapter’s price will go down?


anyone have an idea b/c xbox 360 is $350 and wireless adapter for live is $100.

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  1. Microsoft is making the live adapter 10.00 cheaper

    so more people would wanna buy it their also making it better

  2. A little lesson in marketing.

    Why would someone do a price drop?

    Generally it is done for two reasons.

    1) To increase profits/revenues.

    2) To get rid of surplus products.

    The WiFi adapter is not likely to sell substantially more units even with a 50% drop in price. Most of the people who want them are just going to buy them.

    Dropping the price is also unlikely to help them sell more consoles or games. If they thought it would they would’ve included it into the Elite version.

    The bottom line ends up being that dropping the price is only going to decrease the profitability of the WiFi unit. The only hope you have for a price drop is that the technology advances itself to where it becomes cheaper to produce. That hasn’t really happened for WiFi related products in the last 3-5 years.

    You might as well go ahead and buy one.

    As for a price drop of the 360, look for a price drop in late summer/early fall. That will be around the time that sales stagnate and the PS3 will have dropped many of its high profile titles. That will be when the 360 will need a sales boost (see number 1 above).

  3. I bought mine for $100 – it can sometimes be a strain on the wallet, but it’s worth it. Also remember you can always get it for free at [url is not allowed] , either one works 🙂

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