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Are turtle beach X12 good?


I really want a decent headset for my Xbox 360 and I really want turtle beaches. I heard that X12 are good and I found them at Walmart for $65 and that’s the highest I can go and I really want them. At the store they sounded good. Are the strong? Would I be able to bring them between my moms and dads house when I switch? I love heard stories of them breaking. I really want them so I asked my mom for them on my bday this Friday.

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  1. I have had the X12’s for a while now, When I first got them they were amazing and I had no problems at all and I used it for about 5 months, until I found out the cord that goes into one of the ear pieces was moving up and down and I could pull it farther out and push it in. So I contacted Turtle Beach, and I shipped my headset to them. Then they gave my a brand new one. Then I used the new one for about a year, Then one day I put the headset down and one of the ear pieces ripped off from the top of the headset. I did not feel like going through the entire process again so I just have them now. So the build quality is not the best, But it can stand bringing them back and forth from your moms and dads house. I guess overall you just have to be careful with them

  2. Amazing.

    Really good bass quality and its compatible with computers!

    Because it is wired, it will have amazing quality.

    Wireless headsets like the X11 have a stronger interference rating.

  3. They sound pretty good Amazon has them for $40 free shipping and no taxes.


    I got the X12 with a year of Gold for $75 two years ago. I would never pay $60 for them.

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