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black ops 2 help!?


does black ops 2 for the XBOX 360 combat training need a game patch like the 1st black ops? or is combat training fully into the game now? and can i play offline combat training? like botstomp? i have no internet connection.? please help

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  1. In Black Ops 2 you cannot play Combat Training offline or locally. You must have a Gold Membership and Internet Connection. You also cannot play against just bots. You must play with other real players as well. Combat Training is NOT anything like the first Black Ops.

    Sorry about that.

  2. actually you can play against bots only if you want.

    While the official combat training is against actual people this time if you go into a local or private match and go into game settings it gives you the option of playing with/against AI bots.

    .you’re also given access to all guns,attachments,and perks so it’s a good way to figure out a decent BO2 loadout too

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