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Bluetooth for ps3 isn’t working?


I got the ex-02 Bluetooth for ps3 and the microphone isn’t working. Please tell why!

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  1. Did you pair the headset to the PS3?

    To pair the headset, from the XMB go to Settings > Accessory Settings > Press the “X” button on Accessory Settings then press “X” on the icon labeled “Manage Bluetooth Device then press “X” again to register your headset!

    At the next screen, prepare your Headset (from off) to be paired with the PS3 by holding down the power button continuously until the LEDs flash alternate Blue & Green. When the headset is connected the LEDs will flash Blue every 2 seconds. If not connected, it will flash Green every 4 seconds.

    Press X on Start Scanning. Once Scan is complete, the PS3 will recognize all Bluetooth devices within range.

    Locate PS3 EX-02 from the list of available devices and press X.

    Press X to enter 0000 (four zeros) as the Pass Key and press X on OK.

    You should then be taken to a new screen stating: Register completed.

    Press O twice on your controller to go back to Accessory Settings.

    Scroll down and press X on Audio Device Settings.

    Choose PS3 EX-02 as your input and output device from the lists. Press X to confirm your choices.

    Scroll down and press X on OK. Your EX-02 Next Gen Headset is now ready to use. Enjoy 🙂

    Also make sure your headset is fully charged! It takes 3 hours for a full charge!

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