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Can I connect Xbox 360 hard drive to my computer and then transfer movies onto it for viewing?



  1. Yes you can do this! All you have to do is download Videora Xbox 360 converter and convert your movie or TV show file with it. It is then viewable on your xbox 360.

    To the comment about not being able to put it on your HDD. Why would you need it on the hard drive when the Xbox is always hooked up to your hard drive on your computer so the movie or TV show is always on file and viewable on your Xbox? I have TV shows and movies that I regularly watch on my Xbox, no technically they are not on the hard drive of my Xbox, but they might as well be since they are always available through the hard drive of my puter. 🙂 The only reason this would be a problem is if you chose to take the Xbox to a friend’s house and then of course you wouldn’t be able to view the movie on your hard drive. Hope this helps ya out!!

  2. No you can’t. I was pissed when I found out about this too. The connection between the 360 and the PC is only for streaming content. All it can do is take the pictures from your computer and show them on your widescreen tv. You can’t transfer any files. Plus you can’t directly connect your hdd to you pc anyway.

    About what Jennifer said, that just makes it viewable, you can’t transfer it to your hdd

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