Home Xbox Forum can i run xbox live in a caravan?

can i run xbox live in a caravan?


i would prefer to have a hard line

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  1. possibly , but you would need power for the xbox and tv, then you will need an internet connection.

    you could get a verizon mifi to get the internet, but i don’t think it would be worth it.

    then you would have to get one of those $100 dollar wifi adapters for your xbox.

    unless you have the new xbox slim

  2. Guess it depends on if you have a wireless adaptor and if theres any strong wireless connections around you or if you have it wire connected to high speed internet

  3. You can still use a mifi adapter without a wifi adapter for your console by sharing the connection from your PC using a cat 5 cable.

    Not too sure how to do it on a PC but on a mac just search for sharing and follow the easy steps

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