Home Playstation Forum can ur ps3 crack if its cold?

can ur ps3 crack if its cold?


every morning i wake up and my room is a little bit cold and my ps3 case is cold. can this cause it to crack because this one guy made an answer of this other question and he said it can crack because its cold at first then when you turn it on it warms up and can cause it to crack :'(. is this true

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  1. Yes. It happened to me. The change is temperature will cause the case or even the main board that powers everything to just crack. I wouldn’t risk it. Best thing to do is wrap it in a towel and cuddle it in bed, this will slowly warm it up. Whatever you do no matter what anyone else says DO NOT USE IT WHEN ITS THAT COLD. If you do you will have to buy a new ps3 within 2 weeks.

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