Home Playstation Forum can you use a DLC Code twice?

can you use a DLC Code twice?


say if somebody used a dlc code and i tried to use it on MY Ps3 will it work?

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  1. NO! That’s how the hackers were able to get access to the network. Doing that unveiled a huge security flaw in the PSN. Once the code was doubled up on a page came up with all the information for people with accounts on play station network.

  2. Nope, DLC codes are one time use only.

    However, once you have downloaded the DLC, you can download it as many times as you like again.

  3. If somebody used a DLC code before you I’m afraid that it will not be able to download unless you know the person and they make a new account on your PS3 because it will be saved on their”Download History”.

    Good luck mate

  4. no, but you could use the account that the dlc code was used on, by making another user and then signing in with that account, going into the downloads list and downloading that item – its how i got 1st strike

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