Home Xbox Forum Can’t Update my Xbox 360 for Xbox live.?

Can’t Update my Xbox 360 for Xbox live.?


I have connection to my Internet, but whenever I try to connect to update, it fails. I don’t know what to do! can you help me?

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  1. unplug everything, reset the router, and then wait like 1 minute. then plug everything back in. if you’re connected through a laptop turn your security off and then try to connect. it will probably work after that.

  2. Unplug everything. even the modem. them plug live cord into modem, then plug modem in. wen modem is fully running then turn on xbox, my frend had the same problem. it should work.

  3. I’m sorry, idk what to do

    it should keep asking you, so just keep accepting and make sure your connection is very strong

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