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Does the 80gb Ps3 comes with a SIXAXIS Controller? or it is sold separate :/?


What’s the difference between SIXAXIS And Dualshock 3 controller? and which one of them comes with the ps3?

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  1. The newer PS3’s come with a Dualshock 3 controller.

    The difference between the SIXAXIS and DS3 is that the SIXAXIS has no vibration but he DS3 does. They still have bluetooth, same buttons.

    All PS3’s come with one controller. Sometimes 2, but usually one.

  2. it comes with a dualshock3

    old ps3 came with sixaxis

    the difference is that the dualshock3 has longer batterey life and rumble, still has motion control

  3. playstation 80gb comes with everything you need to start playing ( except for the game)

    different between six-axis and dualshock is that six-axis doesnt have rumble feature and its really light

    and dualshock has six-axis and rumble features.( thats the one you will get)

  4. The 80GB ps3 come with a free Dualshock remote which also features the sixaxis, in some cases it comes with two dualshock controls depending on the bundle you get.

    the when you move the sixaxis control up or down left or right these movements are read and are put on the screen for example in GTA it is used to reload your gun, the Dualshock 3 is the same as the Sixaxis except it feature a vibrate function, so when you get shot you can feel the feedback via vibration

    hope this helped

  5. Newer Versions of PS3 comes with the Dualshock Controller

    Older Versions of PS3 comes with teh Sixaxis Controller

    Dualshock has the Rumble feature that when you get hit on the game or something, the controller moves. Sixaxis doesn’t have that feature.

  6. The six axis does not have the vibration function the dual shock does when ps3 first came out vibrate wasnt available but now it is. As far as i know all new ps3’s come with the dual shock but i could be wrong

  7. I think every Playstation3 comes with a Sixaxis controller, charging cord, AV cables, a manual, and a Blu-ray Disc (game and movie trailers only).

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