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Gamestop: PS3 Trade PS3 Slim?


Ok, the world found out that the PS3 slim is real. Now, the ps3 slim is 120 gig and I have a 80 gig.If I go to gamestop, and trade it for the Slim, will they accept? I know I might have to pay a little extra, but will they accept it?

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  1. there has been to deal like that yet

    but im guessing u would have to pay a lot

    when the DSi came out

    u could trade in your DS lite and u save 30% on the DSi

    30% thats it!

    just keep your PS3

    and if u really want

    just buy a 500GB 2.5 inch internal hard drive

    and put it in your PS3

  2. The honest truth.

    PS3 Slim Vs PS3 80 GB original (Manufactured 2007 and earlier before August 2008), and 80 GB new (Manufactured later then August 2008).

    Usb ports

    80GB Original: 4

    80GB New: 2

    120GB Slim: 2

    Backwards Compatibility

    80GB Original: PS1 and PS2 (Sort of PS2. Most PS2 games lag on it.

    80GB New: PS1

    120GB Slim: PS1

    Flash Card Readers for SD, CF, And MS Duo.

    80GB Original: Yes

    80GB New: No

    120GB Slim: No

    Trade in Value

    80GB Original: $140 Credit $112 Cash.

    80GB New: $110 Credit $80 Cash.

    120GB Slim: $110 Credit $80 Cash.

    Cost (As of discontinuation)

    80GB Original: $499 (Discontinued as of August 2008).

    80GB New: $299 (Continued)

    120GB Slim: $299 (Continued)

    As you can clearly see if you have a 80GB Original it isn’t worth it. If you have a 80GB New it’s not worth it. I recommend you keeping the one you have,

  3. Yes. If they will still take an old school Nintendo, they will take the old model PS3. Of course they will give you less than what it is worth, because they are trying to make money, but they will take it, no problem. Unless yours is busted.

  4. I boudth it gamespots a burn i bought a slim today and i went to make some profit wit 2 year warrantty they said 2 bills i was like WTF i just got it for $410

    JUST SELL IT online to some nerd that doesnt no his way around ps3z LOL i sold my psp for 300 bucks last month

    and no they wont accept it

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