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How do i fix my Xbox 360?


it keeps say to play this game insert it into an xbox 360. whenever i insert the game it keeps saying that anyone know how to fix it?

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  1. hello, what you have is a DVD drive error. the laser must be dirty. i suggest calling Microsoft at 1800-4-MYXBOX to send it in for repair and hopefully you have the 1 year manufacturing warranty on it. if not take the xbox 360 apart take the DVD drive and open that up and clean the laser with rubbing alcohol. go on youtube and watch this video and this guy shows you what to do.

    [url is not allowed].

    hope i helped and good luck

    oh and a tip if you want to prevent this from happening again put the games back into the case so they don’t get scrached and dustiy and also when you open up the disk tray to put a game in wipe that once and a while to remove the dust.

    -italian man

  2. There are a lot of guys out there especially on youtube who try to show you how to fix it but it will ruin it. Get a real guide how to fix it.

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    This site will help


  3. Well, does your disc have any scratches? Try wiping it off with a soft cloth. A lot of people get that. Did you change your xbox from being horizontal to vertical, or visa versa? If you did, and the disc was in it, it could’ve ruined it. Or, the xbox was so used to reading it that one way, that when you changed it, it couldn’t read it anymore, or it doesn’t know how to. Otherwise, call 1-800-4MYXBOX

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