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How does the size (in GB) of the PS3 affect gameplay and amount of games you can play?


I was thinking of getting a PS3 and I want to get it cheap. While searching I’ve noticed the price difference depends a lot on how many GBs it has. What does this actually affect? Can I not play certain games or something?

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  1. The more GBs the PS3 has, the more games the memory can store on it. If you run out of GB, you won’t be able to download new software/games, or save game data. But you can always get memory cards for more space.

  2. The number of GB it has determines how much data it can store. You want to get one with at least 100 GB, preferable 250 GB. It stores all of your game saves and data, plus many new games are very large so they need to install some data on the PS3 and this can take up a lot of room. Plus you can also download extra content onto the PS3 and even downloqd full games which both take up space

  3. If the HDD gets too full, it can struggle retrieving game save information which could lead to freezing, crashing and/or games not loading properly.

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