Home Playstation Forum How much could I sell my 60 GB PS3 for?

How much could I sell my 60 GB PS3 for?


I am thinking about selling my 60 GB PS3. I have 17 games with it, 4 controllers, 4 blu-ray movies, 4 PS2 games, a PS3 eye toy, and a mic. How much do you think I can fetch?

I’m thinking about selling it and then getting an XBox. My main games I play are Halo and Madden. I don’t see the PS3 getting any amazing games soon except Resistance (don’t like FF and MGS is good). Almost everything is multi console. I could probably make some money and put it in my TV fund too! Xbox live, although not free, would be nice! Can anyone convince me to keep the PS3 at all?

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  1. Sell if you really need to. But it’s not that necessary.

    But it’s all entirely up to you.

    Anyways, 60 GB is a lot plus with games and controllers.

    I’d say 500+ dollars.

  2. you could probably sell the system by itself for 600, because people REALLY want the 60gb because its disconinuted

  3. Are you asking for the console alone? If so, then you could probably get it for full price (the same price you paid for it). If you plan on selling it with everything you mentioned, then I would say you could get about $750 for all that. And that’s ‘cuz you did not post any games you have, so I assume they must not be all that good.

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