Home Xbox Forum i keep getting signed out of xbox for no reason.?

i keep getting signed out of xbox for no reason.?


i keep getting signed out of xbox live for no reason i get on i lasted online for at least 20 mins then i get signed out i really dont know why it does this the internet is fine because whenever it signs me out i could sign in really fast without a problem. is it my xbox 360 or my internet or what is it? its really annoying i cant even enjoy myself doing anything on it i watch netflixz it signs me out i play games it signs me out? PLEASE HELP?

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  1. Are you using an Ethernet cable or wireless is the first question i have for you.

    If it is an Ethernet cable then i could have a short in the cable or you have a cheep cable that is to long the longer the cable the less connection you get for it take more power to transfer it the distance. If you are using a long Ethernet cable then i would suggest getting a better cable. if you are using a small one around 3″ then its not the cable and it is you connection to the internet.

    If its wireless then i would say that you are having problems with ether mutable single, noise or loss of single. noise is just interferes on the same frequency band that is used in wireless technology and meany things can interfere with it from a microwave to a Bluetooth, Mutable single retrieval is wear the signal is bounces and spits off meany things and is still retrieved by your Xbox, these mutable signals are confusing your console. now loss of signal is just that your are to fare away from your network/modem.

    To fix noise you would have to go and find the culprits that are causing the problem and turn them off when you are using your Xbox or switch to an Ethernet cable. Mutable singles are easer they are just reflected of of different things like windows, mirrors, and metal. To fix that you would have to move the objects that are in your way or link anther modem that will broadcast your signal better and closer to your Xbox. (This is also used for the loss of signal)

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