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I’m buying an xbox 360?


I’m trying to decide on getting retail or off ebay or craigslist.

I REALLY want the warranty, but I hear that there’re plenty of people who can fix them.

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  1. Retail, don’t be cheap and get something broke or damaged.

    Getting a 360 fixed costs at least $60 for RROD, so your better off getting a warranty from a retail store and whenever it break, you get another year on your warranty.

  2. well, if you have the money, obviousely buy retail cuz you never know what broken crap people will sell (even though its not better then stuff that mirosoft sends you somtimes. lol) anyway, if you got 300, buy the arcade for 199 then buy the 60gb starter kit for 99 this way you get everything from the Pro console except you get the new Jasper microchip as well.

    hope this helps and gets best answer


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  3. i suggest get a brand new xbox 360 at a best buy which is the best place to buy electronics.

    also, get the xbox 360 pro which comes with a 60GB hard drive or get the Xbox 360 elite which comes with a 120GB hard drive which is great but i would go with the xbox 360 pro. I never buy any thing on websites because of a few reasons so i go with brand new things so i make sure no one messed with it and i get the warranty. also, i just found out that Microsoft just extended the warranty on the E74 error issue with the console.

    when you get the Xbox 360 pro or xbox 360 elite make sure it’s in the horizontal position to let maximum air flow through the console and make sure you rise the console 1 inch above the surface of the hard object that you have the xbox 360 on to let all vents used so there is air coming in the console in all directions which will decrease the risk of the xbox 360 hard ware issues.

    also download all games to the hard drive which will decrease heat as well which is great.

    if you have any questions on cleaning and stuff email me and i will get back to you.

    remember get a brand new one so you will have less problems.

    I hope this helped

  4. definitely go with retail, especially if you have the money for it. MS already covers you for free from the 3 red lights for 3 years and 1 year if anything else breaks.

    If you get it from a retail like Best Buy, Costco, Target, Walmart you can get a in store warranty which if it breaks they can swap out the system on the spot

  5. DON’T DO IT!! I had one. even though, they have a lot of games.

    Go with the PS3. I got one now, and I love it! Compared to the X-Box 360, which was alright. The Blu Ray and options are better!

    Plus COD online is the best I have played.!!

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