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Is buying ps3 worth it?


It costs almost 4 times of what ps2 costs.

I honestly dont care much about graphics. What are the other advantages of ps3 over ps2?

I am going to buy either of them tomorrow. Which one should I go for?

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  1. Well PS3 can do sooo much stuff, video’s, photo’s, direct downloading, playing with your friends, proper online, the games are waaaaay better not just graphic wise, also the PS2’s are old now and will soon become very unreliable and may break within a year or two. But to be honest at this current time i dont see why you should buy a PS3 now, the PS4 comes out this christmas. That means two things for you. One- You could buy that and have the best console (or 2nd after the new Xbox one) out their and its guaranteed to be very good. And two- The price of both the PS3 and PS2 will go down by a lot. So personally i recommend waiting and buying the PS4 this christmas. This website has everything you need to know about the PS4 features and whatnot [url is not allowed]

    But if you insist on buying one tomorrow then without a doubt go for a PS3 because quite frankly PS2’s are rubbish.

  2. It’s only about £100 new and has Blu ray player built in and has amazing graphics. At least 10 times better than ps2. Also, games aren’t made for ps2 anymore so you won’t be able to buy stuff like gta 4 on ps2 or cod etc

  3. All of what those guys said. Plus, you can also play PS1 cd games. Blu Ray 3D compatible player, 7-player support (i know no game that even allows this), Free to play online community, up-to-date supporting game developers, wider range of dynamic game libraries which are far more advanced than our childhood ps2 games. Although, the PS2 is a timeless console with the widest range of game libraries for a non 8-bit console, it still isn’t as fun as the PS3 since the present day is modern. Modernization seeks innovation. PS3 is the innovation of the PS2. Buy the PS3.

    In another topic, if you want to be able to play PS1, PS2 and PS3 games in one console, buy a Backwards Compatible PS3 fat that has 4 USB ports and a memory of 60GB or 80GB. You cannot expect this to be brand new, since this was like back at 2006. 2nd hand consoles are not that bad as long as the seller has given every detail of how he/she has used it. But this is not really safe since scams are sweeping the internet. Especially in ebay. Amazon seems trustworthy but its sellers are not. I’d stick with a modern Slim PS3 since this is current and up to date.

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