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Is it worth upgrading to a Playstation 3 Slim?


I have an 80GB regular PS3 at the moment. Is it worth the expense to get a slim version or should I not bother?

How is the fan noise compared to the original?

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  1. if you already have a 80gb regular ps3 at the moment, then there really is no reason to upgrade to a slim because the ps3 and the slim are basically the same, the only thing that really separates the two are the design and how the ps3 slim takes 35% less power.

  2. stick what u got, because since its 80 it prolly plays ps2 games, and you cana buya larger hdd for it anyways

  3. there’s no benefit other than a larger hdd and you can install one in your 80 gig ps3 easily enough

    in my opinion it’s not worth it

  4. I would recommend getting a PS3 slim.

    I have 2 80Gb’s and 1 40GB as well as a 250GB slim.

    I use my 40GB and 80GB to watch movies and I use my other 80GB (motorstorm bundle) to play my PS2 games. I use the slim to play PS3 games and browse the PSN.

  5. You are exchanging your wife for a slimmer one? No don’t change your wife. There is no benefit in changing except for a more electrically efficient PS3. It is basically the same but but but wait!! You can install linux on the fat one. Slim ones dont have this feature. For the HDD you can always upgrade.

    Be loyal to your wife!! She love you!! You should do the same for her!!

  6. it is actually a DOWNGRADE and not an upgrade. PS3 slims are cheaper than fat ones because slims are stripped versions of fat PS3s. Some features were taken away and some parts were swapped with cheaper alternatives so that Sony could slash down the price and more people could afford it (because if there are less people who owns a PS3, then there will be less people buying games which is the main market commodity of the gaming business). Even the casing is made out of cheap plastic. I would give you a brand new slim for your fat one. That’s how I look at it.

  7. Apart from the larger hard drive, there’s no real benefit of getting a PS3 Slim, unless of course you were affected by the firmware bug that hit around March 1, which didn’t affect PS3 Slim models. I’m not sure exactly which model you have, but if yours is capable of playing PS1 and/or PS2 games, you’d lose that by changing to the PS3 slim, as it’s not backward compatible at all. Whether Sony will change that later with a firmware update. who knows?

  8. I have the slim 120 gb ps3.I don’t think that it’s really worth it to upgrade.You have more memory.but, the newer consoles do not have complete backwards compatablity.Which isn’t a problem for everyone.But, I would not recommend it. The 80 gb even looks cooler 😛

  9. There is no point upgrading to a slim, because it’s basically the sane thing, it just has larger HDD space. You can upgrade your current HDD so there’s no problem and absolutely no reason to spend 300$ for something you already have.

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