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Is the new ps3 250 worth it?


I am getting the new ps3 slim there is the 250gb for $350 and 120gb for $300 they are exactly the same expect the hard drive a difference of 130gb. I know you can upgrade. But how much will the hard drive be? which one should I get 250gb or 120gb $50 difference.

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  1. PlayStation 3

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    it totaly depend on how many games,movies and music you will be putting on the ps3 hard drive. if you will be using it as a media center for your home it will be much better if you buy the 250GB one or if you plan to use it as a game console only then 120GB is mopre than enough.


    As a proud owner of a PS3, I was closely following developments of when the rumored (and highly-anticipated) PS3 Slim would come out. After shelling [.] for the PS3 80GB back in 2008, I was really excited to hear that Sony not only announced a smaller version of the PS3, but also implemented a [long-overdue] $100 price cut. I immediately went out and bought the Slim as soon as possible, and am very happy with it so far. Here are my impressions:



    I heard that it was smaller, but seeing is believing! The photos don’t do the system justice, and it’s not really till you see and feel the difference that you are impressed with it. If you can, go into your local game store and check it out for yourself! If you’ve previously owned a Playstation console, you already know the difference the slimmer version makes when compared to the original, bulky ones. What’s really convenient is that the slimmer PS3 not only means your video gaming is more portable, but that you have a really convenient Blu-Ray player.


    I love the sleek look of my PS3 Fat, but don’t like how it constantly needs to be cleaned. The glossy finish is a fingerprint magnet! The matte finish on the Slim is much easier to maintain. That being said, it doesn’t look as shiny and cool, but I think its convenience outweighs that.


    Storage was never an issue for me on my 80GB system, but for those who wanted more storage, you get 40GB more with this system (120GB in total). It may not seem like much, but you can hold MANY movies, pictures, and music albums with 120GB. If that’s still not enough, you can always install a 2.5″ hard drive yourself, or better yet, plug in an external hard drive in one of the USB ports. You can easily get a portable 500GB external hard drive for less than $100, or a bigger, bulkier one with around 1TB of storage for roughly the same. That being said, I think 120GB for $300 should be more than enough for most users, and is a significant improvement over the 80GB for $400 that people were paying just a few weeks ago!


    This is my one major gripe with the Playstation 3. It really wouldn’t have killed Sony to include this feature, as the original Playstation 3’s did in fact include backwards compatibility with older Playstation 2 games. A lot of people counter by either saying (1) it doesn’t make sense to buy a PS3 to play PS2 games, (2) the graphics on the PS3 are better anyway so why bother with older games, and (3) including backwards compatibility would cannibalize PS3 game sales.

    While those arguments might have their merits, I’m still frustrated that my massive PS2 library can’t be played on the PS3, and was really hoping that Sony would include backwards compatibility on the Slim! I loved the fact the PS2 was backwards compatible with PS1 games, and really wish that Sony would reconsider this decision.


    PS3 vs. WII

    I think comparing the PS3 directly to the Wii is a bit like comparing apples to oranges, since they offer such different experiences. The Wii in my opinion is more family-friendly, while the PS3 is better for more graphics-intense games geared towards different gemographics. I’m a huge fan of Nintendo, and I love their very family-oriented game offerings. I own a DS and Wii and still love Mario as much as the days back when I played the original Nintendo (NES). In addition, I think Nintendo’s motion-sensitive controllers for the Wii are very innovative and fun to play with! Unfortunately however, for most gamers, the difference in game quality is noticeable when comparing the two systems. The PS3 has AMAZING graphics. On an HD Television, you notice such crisp details while playing the PS3. The Wii features only Standard Definition output, which noticeably weakens it when compared to the other next-gen consoles such as the PS3 and Xbox 360.

    PS3 vs. XBOX 360

    Microsoft has an impressive gaming console in their Xbox 360 and there are some amazing titles exclusive to the Xbox, but in the end you get less bang for your buck when compared to the Playstation 3:

    (1) Online gameplay: You can use the Playstation Network’s online features without having to pay a subscription fee like you do for the Xbox. I was never a big online gamer but now I enjoy playing against opponents online.

    (2) Internet connectivity: Built-in wireless internet connectivity on the PS3 is a much better bet than having to buy a wireless network adapter for the Xbox. Of course you can simply rely on a wired E

  2. 120GB is a lot already. I would honestly spend $50 for the 250GB though.

    You could find 250GB alone for $70.

  3. My 80gb got filled quite easily, couple movies, couple game demos here and there and before you know it its filled. Better to have too much than too little imo, and $50 extra is well worth it. In a year and a half or so when/if you fill it up, a 300-500gb HDD will probably be like $50 anyway, it just its a bit of a hassle to change it, format it, and then you gotta move all your stuff. I think you should just go with the larger one and have the peace of mind.

  4. If you have a lot of game and stuff to save, the more 250gb for $50 difference is worth it.If not I think 120gb is enough.

  5. If you think there is even a slim possibility you’re gonna upgrade the hard drive then just get the 120 GB Slim and do it right away (upgrade the hard drive I mean).

    A 500 GB hard drive shouldn’t cost you more than $90, just to give you an idea on upgrade costs.

  6. I dont think you need that much space unless you buy stuff from the ps3 store. If you do that a lot then get the 250 GB. That would be awesome having that much space anyway. I have a 60 GB one and I run out a lot. I am always deleting stuff installed from rented games.

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