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List of ps3 systems that support ps2 gaming.?


I want to buy a ps3 that can also play ps2 games. and Ive heard that ps3 slim doesnt do that and i heard that 60 and 80 gb can play ps2 games.and please dont complicate the answer very much.and please tell the reason why they dont play. and just list the ones that play and the reason why the others dont play.and thanks in advance. 😀

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  1. Yep, that’s pretty much it. They’ve made the (unpopular) decision to phase out backwards compatibility on the PS3. So from here on out, PS2 games won’t work on the PS3 period. The original 60 and 80 gig PS3s ran PS2 games, but that was disabled with software updates. So, you’re pretty much out of luck, short of buying a PS2 as well. There are no PS2 games that will work on the PS3.

  2. Here the list that play PS2 games:

    PS3 20GB

    PS3 60GB

    PS3 80GB(Only the first 80GB model, they are two) This version was the last one to have PS2 games backwards compatibility, but the compatibility is reduce. The PS3 20GB, 60GB and the 80GB have 4 USB ports, the others not.

    The reason:

    The original PS3 40GB, 80GB(the second model), 160GB and all the PS3 Slim model cannot play PS2 because the PS2 Emotion Engine CPU chip and the PS2 Graphics Synthesizer GPU was remove. Josiah is wrong, the original PS3 20GB, 40GB and 80GB(first model) can still play PS2 games and it’s something that cannot be disable via software update.

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