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Mic PS3, answer soon please!?


i want ask if i buy some cheap headset from Logitech, PS3 will detect it and it will work or not? Because now i have Jabbra but it sucks a bit. its only for 1 ear (i cant listen 4 hours of shooting on one ear.) So i set output to speakers but then my mic heard voices and play them back so its kinda annoying to other players. thats why i want buy headset with 2 ear things. ;D If this cheap headset wont work then i guess i will buy offical headset ( with ps logo and thats it.)
O yea and i talking about this cheap headset its only 23€ here in my town

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  1. If you want to get that Logitech headset, that’s fine. The PS3 will recognize any standard plug’n’play USB device — headsets, mice, keybaords.

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