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My xbox 360 charge kit?


My xbox 360 charge kit wont hold a charge. I was wondering can these things start to go bad? I have had it about about 2 years. Every time I charge my controller it only holds a charge for a about 30 to MAYBE an hour before it starts to die again. Do I need a new charge kit or is it something else?

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  1. 2 years! mine holds a full charge for about a week and its done. i’ld get a friends charger/batterypack and see if thats the problem. if its just the batterypack buy a new play and charge battery (there about 20 bucks at wall mart) if there batterys wont hold a charge either then i could be your controller (make sure theres holds a charge) and you will have to buy a new one

  2. I think that the Rechargeable batteries are going bad, not the charge kit. They are kind of expensive, but you’d spend a lot more on regular energizer batteries.

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