Home Xbox Forum My Xbox 360 Headset is glitchy.?

My Xbox 360 Headset is glitchy.?


I was playing Halo 3 today and I heard a loud Hoking noise in my earpiece. And when I tried to talk to my friend I could not speak to him through the mic or hear him through the ear piece. but I could hear him through the speakers on the tv set. When I tried it later, I could hear throug hthe earpiece again, but the mic didn’t work. Someone please tell me what I should do.!

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  1. my brother has a xbox 360 you probably need to either buy a new microphoneheadset or try to get your cheaked out because if it is not working their is obviosly a problem

    and if this doesnt help u try this site

    [url is not allowed]

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