Home Xbox Forum Need help on set up for media centre on xbox?

Need help on set up for media centre on xbox?


I want to configure my media centre so i can use it on my xbox 360 but it keeps saying that my settings might be wrong and i have done all the instructions it has said on xbox.com

Can you help me?

By the way i am running windows vista home premium

Thank you

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  1. How is your 360 connected to the internet? Is it through a router, or directly connected to a computer?

    When using Vista and trying to make Media Center work, your Vista machine must be set to a ‘private’ network instead of a ‘public’ network. You can check this by going to your ‘Network and Sharing Center’ and looking for your connection. Beside the name it will say Public or Private. If it is Public, click to the right where it says ‘customize’ and choose ‘private’. Then try to connect again.

    If your Vista computer is set to public, then certain discovery services are disabled that make your computer invisible to other systems on your network. This includes your Xbox 360 as well.

    If your 360 was set to private already, then try enabling UPnP on your router.

    If UPnP is also already enabled, then the problem may be that you used another streaming software at one time. (Such as TVersity, or the like) If you have, then the streaming service for the media center has been disabled and will never connect unless you uninstall the other sharing software and manually enable the service yourself. The exact service name eludes me at this moment, but I can locate it if need be. Let me know if you need it.

    Best of luck!

  2. im having the same problem as well so yeah the service name would be welcome over here because i’ve tried everything =/

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