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Playstation 3 – how to play online?


I want to play online on my 40 gigabyte playstation 3.Only problem is, i don’t know how to! Please list all the steps that i need to do in order to play online.I REPEAT, I



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  1. If you have a router, plug the PS3 into it with a standard ethernet cable. Or, you can use the built-in WiFi adapter in the PS3 but you will need some of the information from the router, like its SSID, and WEP key, if you entered one.

    From the XMB, under Network there’s a Join PSN entry. Click on that and then just follow the onscreen instructions.

  2. First you have to set up a connection. You go to internet setting in the setting option. It’s at the bottom. Then pick the middle option, it should say like internet connection settings. Then it will ask if you want wireless or wired. I have wireless, i don’t know about wired but it will ask you what your WEP password is or WPA. If you have a router look on it for a barcode looking label and it should have the password on it. Then it should ask if you want easy or custom settings pick easy. It might ask for your IP adress and DNS. Just pick automatic for all of them. That should be it then all you have to do is set up your PSN account which is pretty easy

  3. when you connect to the PS Network, you will have to create an account (no charge).

    if you want to play against others,

    put in the game you want

    choose the online option

    log in, in case you did not tell it to “remember” you when you created an account

    enter a room or create a room

    you can challenge others or wait until you are challenged

    if you are at a certain level of play (novice, pro, etc) choose players accordingly

    you can view their stats and trophies

    if you are new to, lets say MK vs DC, dont challenge somebody who has beaten the game with all players. he/she might be a tough opponent.

    have fun playing

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