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Playstation 3 not working on tv?


My brother took my PS3 downstairs to play on our HD TV, Upstairs in my room. I don’t have a HD TV, or a HD scartlead, just a normal one. The PS3 still turns on, but the screen doesn’t show up on my tv, so I can’t change any settings, because I can’t see it. How can I get it to work on a regular tv with a regular scartlead again? (I tried the holding down the on/off button thing, but It didn’t do anything :S)

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  1. all you have to do is hold the power button untill it goes on and then off , then hold it again untill you hear two beeps and let go straight away.

    you will then get a picture.

    its happend because you put it on another tv with different settings.

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