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PS3 blu-ray movie question?


I have a PS3 and I am currently playing it on a standard TV. My dilemma is that I pre-ordered the collector’s edition of Street Fighter IV(huge fan) and it comes with a blu-ray movie. I worry that because of my TV, that it won’t play it. Can anyone help me out with this problem?

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  1. Do not worry. It will run on your TV perfectly fine. However, it may not be the best picture quality compared to an LCD TV.

  2. Yeah, it wont look like a HDTV Blu Ray PS3.

    Son we cant realy help you there. Why dont u sell the tv and get maybe a small HDTV if you want the Blu Ray Definition. i hope u do, its really worth it, i love it.

    PS3 + BLu Ray

  3. It will play, it’s just not going to look as good as on a HDTV.

    I mean, your games are Blu Rays, and they play on your TV, right?

    Since you’re use to that TV, you might not even be able to notice the difference.

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