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ps3 help, plays what it wants to.?


I have a backwards compatible 80 gig ps3. It will play regular dvds and ps2 games still but will not play blue rays or ps3 games. Any ideas or solutions to the problem would be appreciated. Haven’t found anything specific to my problem on other sites.

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  1. just a guess, perhaps there is an issue with the hardware or software that is related to blu-ray, since the games are also bluray disc.

    you can test my sugestion by downloading a demo and see if it plays.

  2. Ur ps3’s blu-ray laser doesnt work anymore.The red laser works fine(for dvds-cd’s)but the blue laser(ps3 games) is damaged.U can try to clean the lens.If this will not fix the problem u can buy a new blu ray laser(search on e-bay-amazon) and replace ur old laser-there are a lot tutorials in utube.Its not a big deal.

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