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ps3 or xbox 360 slim?


ok which one should i get if you own both give examples of what you think is the better and also which is the most bang for the buck (which one is worth the money) i know ps3 comes with blu ray and its online is free and it has wifi built in but so does the slim so which one do you guys prefer?

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  1. Then ask your self these questions.

    1. What games do I want to play.

    Remember some games are exclusive, meaning they only are for one console. For instant mgs 4 is only on ps3 and halo is only on xbox 360.

    2. The Consoles Network.

    Check what your friends have so you can play with them on the same network. When you play a game you don’t use a all console`s network. PS3 have there PSN xbox 360 uses xbox live, so if you have ps3 and your friends have xbox 360 even if the game is identical. You will not play on the same network.

    3. Money to spend.

    This is important bc if you don’t have or you have less, then you cant buy it. Plus you need the money for the game. With playstation you have a free subscription to the psn but xbox 360 charges money, yes in psn you have playstation plus kinda like the xbox. Some say its worth but I haven’t tried it out, guess its personal opinion/taste.

    To put it simple take the time and think what you want/need, so you don`t make a mistake and have to regret it.

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