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ps3 question?


ok i was wondering can i use my ps2 wired controlller on my ps3 so taht i dont have to buy a ps3 controller? tahnmks

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  1. no you cant seeing as ps3 controllers have the built in motion sensor which as you guessed ps2 controller don’t have.

  2. You can buy a PS2 to USB adaptor and plug that into the PS3 USB slot.

    You can get them from a game shop but i would advise Ebay, Amazon or Play.com as they can be a lot cheaper, just search on one of those for “PS2 to USB Adaptor” or “PS2 to PS3 Adaptor”

  3. well you can. they make adapters to use PS2 contller on the PS3, however, the PS3 controller does so much more than the PS2 ones. the fact that they’re wireless makes them already better than the PS2. but you can also buy wired PS3 controllers from places like gamestop for about the same or cheaper than a PS2 contoller.

  4. Yes you can, infact, i do! All you need to do is search online for a ps2 to ps3 controler adapter, there real cheap (about 10 dollars)

    the onlything you cant do with them is motion sensing, but no one realy uses that anyway ;-]

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