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ps3 super slim power cord questions?


so i put my power cord in and the white text is facing up. now when i turn on my ps3 in 30 min i could hear like sounds of the fan a little and the cord gets hot in like 30 min. so is the cord facing the wrong way?

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  1. If the cord is getting hot, it’s most likely a fault in the cord, not the system. How old is the power cord, and whay kind of shape is it in? Anything that has electric current flowing through it will get hot, you just don’t burn you self because of the galvanized rubber insulation surrounding the cord.

    As for the fan getting louder during gameplau, this is normal, especially with the current games out there. They use up a lot of the systems gpu and cpu power, which generates a lot of heat. The fan creates air flow to cool the system.

    You may also have some dust collected inside. Dust traps heat by interrupting or blocking the systems air flow. Dust inside the fan motor can cause unnecessary friction, forcing the motor to need to work harder (which in turn, generates even more heat) opening up th e system to clean out the dust is recommended at least once a month (after the warranty expires of course) you can use a can of compressed air for the hard to reach knooks

  2. there is no difference which way you put it. the ps3 just get’s hot, every system does that, Consoles. PC’s. everything heats up. So don’t worry about it. Turning it the other way won’t make any difference.

  3. Actually, it could be because you have the older PS3. The makers of PS3 added a little thing to it when it first came out that allowed you to play PS2 games. This caused the Systems to overheat fast. So they removed it. I recommend you set your PS3 on a glass table though considering you said it’s super slim so the PS2 thing couldn’t be the problem. Try possibly buying or borrowing another cord from a friend and test to see any differences. That’s all I can say.

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