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PS3/PS2 region free question?


Ok so there is this game I want from Japan and it’s on PS2. I know PS2’s are region locked so I was wondering, I have the original PS3 (the one that is backwards compatible) will that game work on that since it’s a PS3 and PS3’s aren’t region locked?

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  1. As far as I know, no. The lack of region locking thing is only with ps3 games. due to licenses etc the ps2 still has to be locked from region by region. So I would imagine the ps3 is also locked when it comes to ps2 games. It certainly is for dvd’s/blu rays

  2. I’d be cautious about that, i had a backwards compatible ps3, and it kept freezing on some games when specific actions were taken, you might find it cheaper to get your ps2 region opened and order the game online, as unloking specific regions is a legal action, and is not in anyway breaching copyright.

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