Home Xbox Forum Ps4 v xbox 720 what will win?

Ps4 v xbox 720 what will win?


Which one will win and why, what problems could they fix to be number 1?

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  1. the one that the software company support the most

    depends, if it is easier to develop games on the x box or on the play station,

    i should imagine the company with the most clout,

    microsoft seem to be in pole position at the mo,

  2. Probably the 720 solely because there is not much to improve on in the PS4. When the 720 comes out, there will probably be no red ring of death because they have already improved it so much in the 360 S.

  3. No ones knows

    The specs are just rumored , they may be better or maybe worse specs

    due to the compatibility issues for both consoles

    U can only tell when they both are released or announced

    Because then the specs a for sure, then comparing can go on

    But for now on one can tell u , 😀

  4. Lets brake this down. The Next PS and XBox are only rumored, and I can tell you there will likely be very little difference between the two of them.

    First, the XBox likely will have a DVD tray for movie playback and backwards compatibility with the 360, its unlikely that it will support the original games, but one never knows. The PS3’s successor will likely only contain a tray for DVD and Blu-ray support, Sony has made it quite clear through their actions that backwards compatibility is not in the companies interests and they intend not to make the same mistake they made with the PS3. Both companies are going to favor Digital Downloads over disc media, this is all going to be part of an ongoing effort to stifle the reselling of games through profiteering markets which doesn’t garner any profits for the hardware or game manufactures.

    Second, Microsoft will stick with the processor/graphics card or GPU combo, the processor will likely bet Quad+ core design though. Sony will likely follow suit, they might stick with the cell processor but will include a robust graphics card or GPU due to the cell processor based graphics channel has been the Achilles’s heel for the system due to the game industry favoring GPU development over cell graphics development, this combination will give the developers the option of developing for cell processors or graphics cards.

    Third, Microsoft will likely integrate the Kinect tech into the next system, and Sony likely will rip it off by buying out any number of companies developing similar technology, or just outright licencing the tech from Microsoft. Controllers aren’t going to go the way of the dust bin though, they still will use the controllers we have grown to loath over the years, some games just won’t translate well to motion controls.

    Fourth, depending on the sales of Home Entertainment over the next few years leading up to the replacements there will likely be a push to 3D support for both film and games, not much more to be said there.

    Fifth, both companies will likely try deterring people from buying optical media in favor of their own implanted markets and contracted markets like Amazon for movies, yes they likely will still support Blu ray (PS), CD, and DVD (Xbox and PS) but they are going to be more interested in digital downloads in the movie/music media formats too, no matter how much people may believe otherwise optical media is on its way out.

    Last, the companies are going to take a hard look at how well the WiiU performs. The WiiU has a lot of potential to ruin their markets, it has a more powerful processor than the 360 and graphics card wise it will run circles around both current systems, the cell processor the PS3 uses is still more powerful, but unused power and potential is pointless. They will be interested in seeing if people are actually going to want the push to tablet option the WiiU offers, and while the PS-Vita offers a similar option its not the same as using the touch screen to control and play a game on the primary system with the potential of having a different interaction and view for the player on the tablet than the players running off the system.

    Sony and Microsoft follow up systems are going to be based and built off the same technology, you likely would have seen the same thing if MS had held out a year to release and upgraded the 360 using HDDVD or some other HD media technology and used more powerful smaller multiprocessor systems you likely wouldn’t have had so much of a dramatic difference in the way the systems performed, but then you likely would have seen the XBox brand die too.

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