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Questions about the Xbox 360 and RROD?


I turned on my Xbox 360 one day and I got that damn Red Ring of Death. It’s the one where three of the lights flash, which generally means that you have a hardware problem. But I had a couple of questions regarding this issue.

First of all, if I switch the hard drive of this Xbox to another Xbox could it fix this issue? Would the working Xbox read my hard drive and still have my data and Xbox Live Profile information?

Also, if I get a new Xbox 360, do I just log on with my Xbox Live account or do I need to restore it on the internet or something along those lines? And will I need to redownload my DLC?

Other than that, once I log onto my Xbox Live account on a new Xbox what information will be stored? I know that game saves/data won’t be on there, but what will be?

Thanks for the help everyone. (:

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  1. 1.Yea the other Xbox would have everything on your HDD gave-saves, accounts as long as you use your hard drive.

    2. If you get a new 360 you can recover your account on your xbox you need the Email and the email’s password you used for the gamer tag,

    You can re-download everything but you wont have your game saves.

    3. Everything(achievements, Friends, ect.) should be there but,

    this is confusing

    If you got an achievement offline and haven’t connected to live after you got that achievement it wont be there.

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