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Recording Xbox 360 Videos?


How, if there is a way, to record videos on your xbox and send them to your computer?

I see all these videos on youtube with the video recordings like they came straight off the xbox.

Please none of that “Use an xbox webcam”, thats cheap.


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  1. You will need additional hardware to do that.

    If you are satisfied with recording videos for Youtube, you can get a cheap video capturing card.

    I’d recommen getting a Hauppauge WinTV with video-in plugs. These cards are almost as cheap as video capturing cards, and have the added bonus, that you can watch TV on your PC.

    Such a TV card costs less than $50 depending on where you buy it.

    You plug your Xbox into the TV card, set the Xbox to standard definition and with the included capturing program record your gameplay.

    If you need to have High definition videos, make sure, that you have a very fast PC and extremely fast harddiscs (a RAID system is a MUST).

    Then you can get a Blackmagic Pro HD capture card, that costs roughly $350 to capture HD content either from a HDMI interface or the component plugs.

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