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Replaces Xbox 360 Buttons Help?


I am wanting to change my xbox 360 controller buttons. I want to have them all the same color. I’m also thinking about finding buttons that don’t even have the “y,a,x.b” letters on them. Can some one show me a website to find these kind of buttons. Thanx in advance 😀

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  1. Adam you’re not going to find any buttons that will work. The 360 buttons have little tabs on them, and that’s how they stay in alignment. You would have to find buttons with the same tabs and make sure that they push down on the rubber pad in the right spot. Really it’s not worth your time.

    Instead just replace your 360 shell with a premade shell. You can pick a shell that lights up or just a replacement case.

    Here are a couple sites to help you

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    Here’s my main 360 and controller, The controller shell is a xcm smooth black with lighted buttons. The buttons are black until you turn on the lights to the controller. The controller also has a motion sensing tilt board and ps3 thumbsticks.

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    Let me know if you have any other questions, you can contact me via my yahoo answers profile.

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