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Should I buy the PS3 now, or wait until the PS4 comes out and buy that?


I have the PS2 now, and I don’t know if I should go ahead and get the new one, or wait for the even better one.

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  1. You should wait for the PS4. maybe even the PS5.

    With that kind of thinking, do you ever get anything done? No, don’t wait for the next PlayStation. As you can tell, the PS2 is still going strong. I have a feeling the PS3 will be the say way, as it still has not been fully tapped and has a lot of potential left to be explored. Not only that, but the PS4 I’m sure will be an outrageous price (like the PS3 was), and who knows when it is really going to come out.

    If Sony’s lifespan of 10 years holds true, you are looking at getting a PS4 around 2014. That is another 4 years of games you will have missed out on.

    Of course this is a personal decision, but the PS3 is a whole lot better than the PS2. If you like the games, get it. If you could care less about playing any of the games, then wait.

  2. Nobody knows how long it will be until the PS4 comes out, but we all know its a very long time. You should go ahead and buy the $299 ps3 slim. Never consider and Xbox, the extra $100 will pay itself off WAY before the PS4 comes out (i’m talking about paying for online).

    Go ahead and get the PS3, hope you enjoy it!

  3. The general consensus on the next PS is that it’s a couple of years away. Just bear in mind that when it’s finally released it will command a premium price so the question you’ll be asking at that point is should I pay X for a PS4 or X/4 for a PS3. Don’t forget that there’ll be an abundance of cheap games for the PS3 at that point to entice you even more. Technology is continually improving and coming down in price. This is a game you can’t really win so get the PS3 now and get a couple of years start on having some fun.

  4. dude just buy it right now.who knows if your even gonna be alive to se th PS4.we are humans not inmortals.

  5. If you want to play great, next gen games now, then you should buy a PS3 now. If you are happy to wait until 2014-16, then that’s up to you:)

  6. The ps3 is still in it’s “Younger” years and still has tons of potential. If you buy a ps3 now,you’d still have enough time to save up for a ps4.

    Hope this helps.

  7. supposedly there will not be a ps4 if there is one untill 2016. But the question really is with all of the money that sony lost on the ps3 will they be able to afford making a ps4? The ps2 is even dead now barely any developers want to make games for it since there two busy with the 360 and the ps3 and not to mention the wii also.

  8. dude it took so long for the ps3 to come out. i would be suprised if the ps4 came out any earlier than 2020

  9. buy it this is the best most complete system ever made and will be used by sony for atleast 4-5 more years before the ps4 comes out and when it does look for it’s launch price to be in the $800 range.

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