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Should i get a Ps3 Now or Later?


I Have 170 Bucks. I can either go to Gamestop Right now and my dad will give me 40 bucks for a used Ps3 40gb OR I can keep the 170 bucks till christmas (more than 1 month from now) and My dad will give me 100 bucks for christmas adding up to 270 to Buy a brand new 160gb ps3. (Keep in mind i have no entertainment at all right now except for the tv and the computer and going outside) So should i go right now, Or should i wait?

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  1. Gamestop, will be selling PS3 on Black Friday for $199.99. plus you get 2 free games and 30 days membership of PS Plus. this will be the 160GB Model. it’s the cheapest model you can get brand new slim model PS3 at. there are no promises Gamestop or retailers will offer same deal for Christmas.so talk to your father and see if he can give you 40 dollars. you will have more then enough to buy yourself the new slim model.

    instead of getting 40GB PS3

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