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Should I get a Xbox One or a PS4?


I’ve owned the PS1, PS2, and a PS3 briefly. I found that I used my Xbox 360 more because I had more friends that had one. I’ve always liked Sony and not much of a Microsoft kind of guy. The only real reason I got the Xbox 360 was because of Halo and it was more hyped. Plus Xbox suspended my account till 12/31/9999 and wouldn’t tell me why. I like to play FPS and sports games. I’m just torn between which one I should get. I like Halo but I also like Sly Cooper and what-not. Which should I get and why?

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  1. depends on you if all your friends have Xbox you might want to stick with that. To the guy talking Xbox cloud yeah they have but Sony bought the cloud company so Xbox will be paying Sony to have. with the games you like the top games is on both consoles and Sony is cheaper. this year you will have to pay for online with Sony but they added some good features that’s going to compete with Xbox live or maybe pass it. Sony adding the ability to live stream your games from the ps4 and if you stuck on a game you could get a friend to play for you on their ps4 Sony going to rule this year

  2. If you would have asked me a month ago, I would have said PS4 hands down. I have felt betrayed by Microsoft in terms of DRM, Required Kinect, and Always Online. Because all of that crap has been dropped, I’d definitely say Xbox One. With the ability to offload processes to the cloud with Microsoft’s millions of dedicated servers, the power is limitless. The policies held it back, not anymore.

    Plus, I love the exclusives the Xbox One has to offer. Dead Rising 3, Titanfall, Ryse, Halo, etc and I have always preferred Xbox Live to PSN.

    At the end of the day, both are great systems, I just think the Xbox One is more innovative and has better exclusives.

    BTW: To people that may chew me out for bringing up the Cloud Computing, I know PS4 can do it too, if Sony were to release an update, but Sony has not even a fraction of the servers Microsoft has.

  3. I wanted the Xbox one until you always had to be online and the DRM. Yeah they turned it off FOR NOW. In about a year there will probably be another update that can turn it right back on.

    That’s why I went with the ps4. I’ll probably get the Xbox one in a year so I won’t get $crewed.

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