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Should I get XBOX 360 or PS3?


The PS3 has more features like bluetooth, built in wifi, sixaxis controllers, free online play, internet web browsing, more storage room.

I feel that PS3 is the better console

However, XBOX 360 is better for its games and online gaming and most of my friends have the 360

What should I get?

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  1. I have owned both an Xbox 360 and PlayStaion 3. I always felt that I had more fun on Xbox 360. It has been out longer than PlayStation 3, therefore it has more game developers commited and a larger game selection. PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 both have their issues. Neither console is flaud free. Xbox 360 has better online play. Xbox LIVE may have a $50 year fee, but you get more features and a lag free online experiance. PlayStation Network is free, but like they say, “You get what you pay for.”

    For you I recommend the Xbox 360. You said that most of your friends have Xbox 360. It’s always more fun to play online with friends in your life than those you make online.

    Hope this helps.

    Best answer?

    Gamertag: martinballer4

  2. Look, I’ve had both PS3 and Xbox 360. And Mace is totally wrong. Ps3 has way more problems than xbox 360. Xbox live is way more reliable than PS3, which is probably why psn is free. And about the Bluetooth thing, IT SUCKS! Even if you don’t listen to me and you buy the ps3 im gonna warn you right now buy a regular headset instead of a bluetooth. It falls of your ear constantly and its harder for other people to hear you. And one more thing, if all your friends have Xbox, you should DEFINITELY Xbox. Playing online by yourself is lonely. =(

    P.S. As for the storage room thing, you could just buy a 120 GB HDD. But you really only need like a 60 GB. I had an 80 GB PS3 and never filled it up even halfway before it overheated and broke.

    Lol wow i kinda feel like a loser for getting this into a question about PS3 or Xbox 360.

  3. I have both consols. 360 gamertag: Trader347 psn id: Trader347 also.

    the main difference between the consols are their exclusive games,

    the 360 has Halo3 which i would give a (7/10) Its campaign sucks, if it was just the camaign it would get a (3/10) but its online is good but nothing special. 360 also has GoW2 (9/10) it has a good campaign, and very good online. Banjo kazoie is another 360 exclusive (8/10) Good gamplay and fun to costomize vehicles. Fable 2 (9/10) very good game, but no online. the 360 has more exclusives than this (of course) but these are my favorites. Ps3 has little big planet (9.5/10) great game, it is by far the best E rated game. the reason i like this game is because you can create levels and share them online. Killzone 2 (8/10) has an ok campaign, and has good online. Metal Gear Solid 4 (11/10) best game ive ever played, great campaign, first time i played it, it took me 14 hrs. to complete it. Ive replayed it 6 times. It also has by far my favorite online. If you decide to get a ps3 you have to get this game. InFamous (9/10) is a new game for the ps3, it has very good gameplay and you get superpowers.

    Xbox 360 has better online, but i cant really tell the difference psn never lags for me.

    Ps3 has better graphics, ps3=1080p 360=720p both are HD and you can barely tell the difference.

    Ps3 has a blu ray player, which means that the ps3 exclusives have more disk space, mgs4 would take about 3 360 disks.

    Another comment said that the ps3 bluetooth headsets werent as good as the 360 microphone, but i dont think thats true. if it falls off you ear then you must have it on wrong. 360 headset is kinda anoying since its so big and you have to wear it over your head.

    I think the ps3 has a better store, just cause it uses normal money and the 360 you need to buy micrsoft points which are like $1.25 for 100 which makes it hard to know what you paying.

    360’s are cheaper.

    I think that the ps3 is a better system and has better games. I strongly recomend that you buy the ps3. it might be more expensive but it’s definitely worth it and you can buy one used for a good price.

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