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should i sell my ps3?


so my friend gave me his old 40gb ps3 a few months back yh and he said i can sell it since i already have one he didint need it cuz he got a new one.anyway i said ill prob use it as my dvd player and i do but recently this person offered me £45 for the ps3 and was wondering if i should sell it for that price or is it noth worth it and my friend said i can do whatever i want with it

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  1. Wtf why sell it to buy a blu ray. Ps3 plats borh dvd and blu ray disk you can also pyt music on it and surf youtube facebook and other site. Selling it for 45$ is a huge huge ripoff. Dont to these idiots that dont know what there talking about. Also ps3 has the best games has hd. Trust me bro keep it it has averything you need

  2. Well here is waht i think

    If you only use it for a Dvd Player you caould sell the ps3 and go buy and blue ray/dvd player and may have some extra cash. and that is a fair price for a plastation3.that is actully really good.

    however it is nice to have a extrra in case 1 of them breaks.it is a hard call but i would sell it because that is a nice price.

    Hope this helps.Cheers!

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