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Switching consoles. Which scenario is best?


NOTE: If you don’t feel like reading this whole thing, skip to the last 3 lines, and look back at the prices for each scenario

I’m switching from Xbox 360 to PS3. I don’t want answers like “Don’t switch,” “Switch to Wii/PC/3DS/64/Dreamcast/Pong,” “hAl0 sUx @$$,” etc.

Which scenario do you guys think is best?

[The following is copied and pasted from Skype, so if any useless personal details are in here that I forgot to remove, please ignore them.

Where it says Halo, pretend it’s YOUR favorite series of anything, be it games, movies, books, TV shows, etc, and you were only allowed to play/read/watch the first 2 books/movies/games/seasons]

Scenario A: Buy PS3, replace 360 games with PS3, give a friend Halo 2 and get a $30 game free (minus shipping):

–$281 (including 360 games replaced by PS3 ones) plus future PS3 games




Scenario C: If I keep all my 360 games and start fresh with PS3, it’ll be more expensive than all the other scenarios.

Scenario D: I keep my 360 and Halo games, but can’t play my other 3 favorite games.


Also, if this is done after June 28, all prices go up $35

Short version:

A makes the most sense, but is the most expensive.

B is the cheapest, but I sacrifice all Halo games except 1 and 2.

Thanks for your time and opinions!

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  1. I have a question for you , do you really like halo and will you play it still after getting that ps3 , or will it sit and collect dust while you’re playing ps3 exclusives like uncharted , infamous , killzone , super stardust hd , journey , playstation all-stars , and the last of us? If you think you’ll play halo still then keeping it may be the best option for you , but if you think you’ll maybe play it rarely or never again get rid of it.

    those games may be your favorites bow but only because you have not played those ps3 exclusives , you may not have consider that.

    I can’t say for sure what is best for you , all I can do is tell you that when you get a ps3 if you want to save money and get a lot of ps3 games right away get the 500 gigabyte super slim bundle with the playstation plus one year membership included. starting next week the free games in the instant game collection change and will include games like uncharted 3 , x-com enemy unknown , little big planet karting , saints row the third and several others yet to be announced ( they’ll announce more in the next week or so but you get at least 8-12 free ps3 games via download day one and every week more free and discounted content is released for plus members )

    that is the best deal you will get , a year of free games filling your ps3 plus discounts on other content and exclusive custom themes and avatars , plus extra ps3 features like automatic updates , auto trophy synch and online cloud save storage for your game save files.

    if you find a cheaper ps3 with a smaller hdd you’ll be buying a larger hdd later unless you never plan on buying downloadable games , some ps3 games are huge compared to the xbox 360 games ( ps3 uses blu-ray and 360 uses dvd still ) , uncharted 3 is over 45 gigabytes in size , infamous 2 is around 18 gigs and there are a lot of others in that range , the biggest game a dvd disc on xbox can hold is under 9 gigs so you want a 500 gig hard drive ps3

    wait until after e3 next week and maybe the ps3 will even get a price drop after they announce the ps4 details?

    maybe you’ll even want to get a psvita after you get that ps3? I have both consoles and they worl great together , allowing cross buy ( buy a game for ps3 get it free for psvita ) , cross play ( play against ps3 using psvita _ lets me play online using one account and a buddy play online against me while sitting on the same couch ) and remote play so I can keep my ps1 classics and some ps3 games that support remote play on the ps3 ( saves psvita memory ) , using the psvita to play the games from the ps3

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