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turtle beach x11 xbox?


i have a standard tv 19 inch i have a black xbox and got a turtle beach x11 free from game for some reason. any way i cant get it to work for some reason i input the red and white things to tv at back no sound. i use a regular got plated hdmi cable to play is there anyone who could tell me what cable i need to work it? i would like to keep hdmi cable if possible! maybe something off ebay cheers

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  1. If you want to connect the X11 to your TV, make sure you’re using the RCA audio output jacks rather than the input jacks. If your TV doesn’t have output jacks, then you’ll have to connect the X11 to your XBOX RCA output jacks. You can download the X11 user guide from the Turtle Beach website, which explains how to do this:

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  2. You need to leave the the Red+White -> audio cable unplugged, its not needed if your using HDMi, however you may need an extended USB Cable to make it longer so it can be plugged into xbox, and to plug your AUDIO Cable into the headphone socket in the tv and leave the microphone unplugged, so you either need a longer audio cable from headphone socket to turtle beach or longer USB Cable from xbox into Turtle beach, just to power it up.

    Hope ive helped.

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