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Which do you prefer? Xbox One or PS4?


The questions has been beaten to death. But in light of the two “true” next gen exclusives. Titanfall and Infamous Second Son I want to hear where gamers stand, or if they do at all. As of March 25 2014. Why is good as well.


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  1. I prefer ps4 and infamous second son.

    If I want an online only game like titanfall I’d want more than the usual 6 on 6 games , it should be a huge game with 24 on 24 matches in much bigger maps

  2. I got a PS4 first, but I’m going to get an Xbox when Microsoft decides to build out their first party studios.

  3. Im gonna have to say that I’m conflicted with both. the xbox has plenty of ups to make me want to buy one, especially since most of my friends own one. However, i have been a fan of playstation since buying my blocky ps2. Really, when you think about it, there is no “better” console. It’s all based on who prefers what. There is no right or wrong answer to this argument because then there’d be those few who’d say “both suck, PC all the way.”

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