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Which ps3 system is better/?


i want to know which ps3 system is better

120gb vs the 250gb ps3

i know the memory is bigger in the 250 gb but if there any differences other then that

is the 250gb ps3 better system – faster? slimmer? better components?

or they the same thing and just the memery is different

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  1. just get the 4 port usb 80 gb u can insert memory cards in it.

    its the best 1 out there and 80 gb was enough for me

  2. the fat 80gb and above idk about the slim but the new ps3’s 80gb and up don’t play ps2 games only the older one does but they don’t have wifi and other things there all diff. go to cnet.com for compare and reviews

  3. it’s exactly the same except for hard drive size , so just get whichever one you want. if you have lots of music or videos to store on the ps3 or will buy movies from the playstation store a bigger hdd is better but you can install your own later if you want to

  4. get the Original PS3 the fat one.

    you can still play your old ps2 games if you get the fat one.

    I Have a slim one.

    i regret buying it only because i can’t play my old games.

    but sony said they’ll be making ps2 games downloadable in the ps store

    after the ps2 has phased out.so i guess i can wait.

    i think the slim’s cooling system is better than the fat one.

    unlike the ps2 fat which has a better cooling system than the ps2 slim

    and also get MGS4 as fast as you can.:)

  5. If you are only in the market for a new PS3 from a retailer, then choose the 120GB PS3, unless you need a bigger drive capacity. Both PS3’s have the exact same hardware, except for its hard disk drive.

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