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Why can’t I sign into my PS3?


I keep trying to sign in but every time I do it says you cannot sign in with another users email. But then I go to playstation.com to sign in and it works perfectly so I don know what the problem is. PLEASE HELP!

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  1. What may be the issue is you are signing in under a different “User Account”

    Like for Example: You made it under the name of Foxtail and there is another User name and it’s Starpride.You can’t do it under Starpride.

    Each user has their own little account.

  2. is this the same email you have always sighed into for this user on the playstation

    if its not, on the playstation go to

    Users>Create New User

    after you create new user

    to to sigh up

    choose “existing account”

    and sign

    as long as the email is not used on another account on the ps3 you will be good.

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